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The Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine

....sharing information interactively for educators in perioperative medicine:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Subspecialties
  • Intensive Care
  • Pain Management
  • Perioperative Epidemiology
  • Preoperative Consultation & Preparation

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Current Issue

Volume XIX - Issue I :: January – March, 2017


Proof of Concept for a Novel Curriculum: Learning a Second Language during Anesthesiology Residency
Kate Mitchell Cohen, MD; Alvaro Andres Macias, MD; Robert Lekowski, MD, MPH; Mercedes Concepcion, MD; Jose Zeballos, MD

An Evaluation of CA-1 Residents’ Adherence to a Standardized Handoff Checklist
Madeline C. Heck, MPH; Peter Huges, MD; Mojca Konia, MD, PhD, MACM

Expert Evaluation of a Chicken Tissue-based Model for Teaching Ultrasound-guided Central Venous Catheter Insertion
Akiva Nachshon, MD; John D. Mitchell, MD; Ariel Mueller, MA; Valerie M. Banner-Goodspeed, MPH; Jakob I. McSparron, MD

Are Prior Experience and Subspecialty Training Time Predictive of Pediatric Anesthesia Exit Exam Scores for Rotating CA-2 Residents?
Jonathon H. Nelson, MD; Nina Deutsch, MD; Ira T. Cohen, MD, MEd, FAAP; Srijaya K. Reddy, MD, MBA

Anesthesia Lost in Translation: Perspective and Comprehension
Alexander Shapeton, MD; Margaret O’Donoghue, MD; Beth VanderWielen, MD; Sheila R. Barnett, MD

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Editorial Board

Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA
DIO, Associate Dean for GME, Associate Professor
George Washington University

David Broussard, MD, MBA
System Vice Chair
Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Srijaya K. Reddy, MD, MBA
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology & Pediatrics
Children's National Health System

Deborah A. Schwengel, MD, MEd
Associate Editor
Program Director
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Karen J. Souter, MB, BS, FRCA
Associate Editor
University of Washington School of Medicine